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How long will you stand by your estimates?

Chester Gutter will honor our estimates for 30 days, assuming your property’s condition remains the same. After that, we will do our best to honor those prices, but we do reserve the right to re-estimate should there have been any increases in material or labor costs over that time.

What happens if I discover soon after you complete your work that something is still not right?

It is rare that we wouldn’t execute our services properly the first time. But we proudly stand behind our work and our reputation, and will return to review your concerns. If your concern is within the scope of the original estimate, Chester Gutter will happily make the adjustments for free.

Why do you use seamless gutters vs. the sections sold in Big Box stores?

Gutters found in home improvement stores for DIY gutter installations come in 10-foot sections. To cover a roof’s width, you screw these sections together, which forms seams where the sections connect. These seams can catch leaves, debris, and ice, which forms dams in your gutters that create backups during heavy water flow. Seamed gutter installations are also highly prone to leaks – which can damage walls and create foundation problems including erosion and basement damage. Finally, stitched-together gutter seams “scar” the attractiveness of a building’s exterior.

Chester Gutter cuts custom-measured seamless gutters on-site from 500-foot material. This allows us to precision match roof sections, edge to edge, helping to eliminate all of the problems mentioned above.

Don't you create holes in the gutters connecting them to a building?

No. Instead of screwing or nailing the gutter in the front, we use hidden rustproof hangers that are fastened to the inside back gutter wall with screws. This approach makes your gutters hang with much more sturdiness than those hung using other methods. They also allow your gutters to expand and contract during extremely hot or cold weather. And, as stated earlier, they eliminate the holes and exposed screw heads that inferior hanging methods display on the outside of buildings.

Are the gutters you use good quality?

Chester Gutter only installs high-quality .032 gauge aluminum gutters, while many companies and virtually all DIYers use .027 gauge material. That difference might not seem like much, but it makes a significant improvement in both gutter appearance and durability.

What sizes of seamless gutters and downspouts do you install?

For homes, we generally use 5″ gutters and 2″x3″ downspouts. For larger roofs and steep pitch lines, we might use 6″ gutters and 3″x4″ downspouts. For commercial buildings, we use 6″ gutters and 3″x4″ downspouts.

What styles of seamless gutters and downspouts do you install?

Chester Gutter installs standard K-style and half-round gutters, with either rectangular or round downspouts.

Are copper gutters the same price as aluminum?

Copper material is more expensive than aluminum, and copper gutters require extra time to install properly. So, no, copper installations are not the same price as aluminum installations for those reasons.

But for many people, the unique beauty of copper trim is well worth the additional price!

Why should I hire a company to clean my gutters when I can do it myself?

…said the person who is stepping rung-by-rung directly toward an emergency room visit!

How skilled are you at climbing a ladder and reaching away from its center? How sturdy is your ladder? How securely is it placed?

You will be one or two stories up in the air, reaching for debris, and..well, we hope you get the picture…

Another important point: Chester Gutter contractors will also be inspecting your gutters and downspouts as we clean. We even check your roofline, soffits and fascia as we wind our way around your building.

So between safety and other proactive problem avoidances, we strongly urge you to hire us to do our job professionally while you keep your feet safely on the ground!

More questions? Let us know!

We tried to cover the basics here, but you certainly might have additional questions related to your particular building and its gutters. Please contact us should you have any unanswered questions before requesting your estimate.

Chester Gutter is state-licensed to service homes and businesses in Montgomery County and Chester County, PA — including Norristown, Pottstown, West Chester, and Phoenixville.

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